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Company Portrait.

Business units

beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones, headsets and conference systems. Even today beyerdynamic still develops premium products in Germany, which are carefully handcrafted in the southern city of Heilbronn.

The product range is extended for different user groups and markets, such as:

  •  Conference (conference systems, installation microphones and communication, interpreter consoles)
  • Music & Performance (microphones and headphones for professional use at theatres, concerts or musicals) 
  • Broadcast, Studio, Video & Production (microphones for recording studios and live broadcasting as well as headphones and headsets for professional applications) 
  • Consumer Products (hi-fi headphones, headphones for mobile applications, In-ear headphones, gaming headsets, aviation headsets for pilots) 

Innovations and technologies of the last 10 years 

  • MCW-D technology: Digital wireless conference systems with tap-proof audio transmission 
  • Headphone configurator “Manufaktur”: Online system to create premium headphones individually (
  • Headzone technology: Mobile headphone system providing a virtual 5.1 reproduction
  • Revoluto: Conference system with “line array” of microphone capsules and maximum freedom of movement which means a larger area where the speaker can speak with an optimum audio quality without variations in volume
  • DANR technology: Headsets for amateur pilots with digital active noise reduction which on the one hand results in a broadband reduction of the noise level and on the other hand in an intelligent identification of noise peak
  •  Microphone configurator “M(y)88 Manufaktur”: Online system with four design areas to create the legendary M 88 TG individually
  • EarPatron Technology: Patented hearing protection technology for headphones intended to help safeguard customer's health focusing on the equivalent continuous sound pressure level
  •  Tesla-Headphones: New generation of headphones with extremely filigree diaphragm and nevertheless higher degree of efficiency (more than 1 Tesla), so the reproduction is absolutely precise
  • Scudio Technology: The patented Scudio technology ensures optimal shielding of the microphone capsule, thus eliminating undesirable interference by wireless devices on new beyerdynamic installation microphone units. 


beyerdynamic microphones became internationally famous in the last century. In 1966 the Beatles used the E 1000 ribbon microphone on their tour, which was especially produced for them. In the 70’s and 80’s national and international musicians and bands such as Abba, Bob Dylan, Udo Lindenberg and many more performed with equipment from beyerdynamic. Today successful newcomer bands (Clueso, P:lot) use beyerdynamic products on their tours (please refer to a detailed list of artists at 

Well-known German customers of the Conference unit include the German Bundestag (Berlin), companies such as Allianz (Frankfurt a.M.), Bertelsmann (Berlin), the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (Wiesbaden), the British Embassy (Berlin), the Deutsche Bank (Frankfurt), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Berlin) as well as the Federal Ministry of Economics (Berlin). Internationally the beyerdynamic technology is used at the EU/permanent representation of Baden-Württemberg (Brussels), the OECD, the University of Moscow, the International Finance Corporation (USA), the Bank of International Settlements as well as in numerous town halls and administration buildings such as the Swedish government Stockholm, the Ministry of Defence Hungary, the Parliament in Cameroon (please refer to a detailed list of conference references at


Eugen Beyer, the founder of the company, pioneered the development of beyerdynamic to an international audio specialist. In 1937 he presented the first dynamic headphone (DT 48) and shortly after this he started the series production of the first dynamic microphone (M 19). After the death of Eugen Beyer his son Fred Beyer took over in 1959 to continue innovations with the next generation. The decision to enter into the conference market and to concentrate on the worldwide expansion of sales activities is still an important mainstay of the company. Wolfgang Luckhardt, a graduated engineer, has been managing the company as sole Managing Director since 2003. With numerous changes he takes the changing market conditions into account and sets the course for the future. 

Business development

Sales have almost doubled since 2003, one reflection of the powerful growth the audio specialists have enjoyed. 2011 was a highly successful year. The company achieved the largest sales figures in company history, including rises both in Germany and abroad.

All business units saw substantial sales growth. Consumer Products and Pro Audio both grew at double-digit rates compared with the year prior. The Conference unit, one that relies heavily on business investment, experienced different levels of success in different countries. Viewed as a whole, however, the company further extended its position on the world market here too as well. Germany remains the single biggest market, with double-digit growth. From a global standpoint, the Middle East, USA and Asia are produced major sales growth. The export share for 2011 stood at roughly two-thirds. 

The customer-oriented organisational structures, taken together with measures to increase the highly flexible production capabilities at the Heilbronn plant, are key factors in the company's sustained growth. The targeted optimisation of internal processes also had a positive effect on the company's productivity. The expansion of the R&D division, and especially the numerous innovations that have come in recent years as a result of that decision, have helped to claim new market share across all business units, both nationally and internationally.


“The overall positive trend of the past years still allows the internal growth. The concentration on our expertise and the increasing focus on individual markets will become more and more important”, General Manager Wolfgang Luckhardt predicts. “The consistent internal optimisation of processes from the production of individual parts, including the supply chain, to delivery to the customers represents an important condition for the competitive production “Made in Germany” in future.” Furthermore, the Global Markets Team still expands in the worldwide distribution and the intensification of long-term partnerships in all countries with a huge market potential. 



Pictures for download.

Built-in communication terminal possibilities: with individual veneer, the furniture manufacturer can provide special paintwork in a colour or preparation to match the setting.
Project MAIF Paris, one of the largest insurance companies in France - built-in communication terminals with Revoluto technology in the special colour white aluminium.
In the anechoic chamber is the testroom for microphones and important part of the beyerdynamic quality assurance.
Innovative aviation headsets from beyerdynamic, Heilbronn. Final assembly of the HS 800 Digital Headset with DANR-technology.
Professional microphones from beyerdynamic, Heilbronn. Final assembly of the legendary M 88 microphone.
Professional microphones from beyerdynamic, Heilbronn. In 2012 the M 88 celebrates its 50th anniversary.
Made by hand - made in Germany. A colleague solders the revoluto printed circuit board.
Assembly of the headphone T 1 with Tesla Technology, the beyerdynamic flagship in the hifi-portfolio
Assembly of the headphone T 5 with Tesla Technology, the high end model for mobile application.
Gooseneck microphones used for beyerdynamic conference systems.
Assembly of the gooseneck microphone of the Classis series.
The beyerdynamic headquarters in Heilbronn, Theresienstrasse 8. The company has been located here since 1960.
Headphones MANUFAKTUR. Colours, shapes and technical details from selected premium headphones can be realized on customer request.
Revoluto: Conference system with “line array” of microphone capsules and maximum freedom of movement which means a larger area where the speaker can speak with an optimum audio quality without variations in volume.
Made by hand - made in Germany. Assembly of the printed circuit board for microphone units.
beyerdynamic drivers fabrication. The drivers – the heart of the headphones and microphones – are also made by hand. The membranes consist of highly sensitive materials and require great care during processing.
Microphone MANUFAKTUR. The legendary microphone, the M 88 TG can be individualized and personalized on customers request.
Revoluto Manufaktur makes individual creation of sound technology possible, even in the conference sector.
Company founder Eugen Beyer. The company is still owned by Beyer's heirs today.
Wolfgang Luckhardt, Managing Director of beyerdynamic. He has been Managing Director of the company since 2003.