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Revoluto - the new freedom of speech.


Revoluto - the microphone station without gooseneck microphone.

With Revoluto, beyerdynamic introduces a completely new concept for microphone stations. Due to the new patented “Microphone Array Technology” this microphone station does not use gooseneck microphones.

By using an array of specifically calibrated recording capsules and digital signal processing, the Revoluto microphone station provides a corridor characteristic instead of the cardioid characteristic which is typical for standard microphone stations. This results in a wider zone for the speaker within which he can speak without the audio quality or volume level being affected.

Due to Revoluto’s design you need not worry about microphone positioning anymore. You are free to speak directly to the audience, confident that your voice will be picked up due to the wide pick-up pattern that Revoluto offers. It does not matter if you are standing, leaning back or talking to the side, with Revoluto the quality and intelligibility of speech always stays the same.

Since Revoluto features a completely different design, it does not need a gooseneck microphone which could be distracting to the speaker and visually intrusive to the audience. With Revoluto beyerdynamic gets a lot closer to the idea of the “invisible microphone” favoured by architects and users.

Features and Advantages

  • Integrated Microphone Array Technology with corridor characteristic instead of a gooseneck or stem microphone
  • No visible microphone
  • The speaker can be seen better
  • Eye contact with the audience while speaking
  • Conference rooms appear to be more spacious and clear

Corridor Characteristic

  • Wider voice range
  • No microphone adjustment necessary 
  • Better recording volume and signal-to-noise ratio 
  • Maximum comfort and free movement for the delegate 
  • More natural and convenient speaking, as the delegate can turn his head, lean back and forward, stand up, lower his head – nearly without any loss in recording quality

Convince yourself

Watch the video to find out how Revoluto sounds compared to gooseneck and acoustical boundary microphones in a video conference application.